Ted TV Show Trailer Reveals The Bear’s Raunchy Early Adventures With John


  • The new Ted TV series takes viewers back to 1993, showcasing the teenage years of Ted and John in high school.
  • The trailer promises a raunchy comedy with sex jokes, drug use, and chaos caused by the mischievous stuffed bear.
  • While Mark Wahlberg doesn’t return, the talented cast and similar humor to the movies make the series a potential hit and a fresh identity for the franchise.

A new trailer for the Ted TV series reveals the stuffed bear’s early years with a teenage John as the pair attend high school together. The new series is set in 1993, prior to the events of the first movie, following the duo in their youth. The show will be released on Peacock on January 11, 2024.

Now, Peacock has released a full trailer for the upcoming Ted prequel show, revealing a raunchy comedy as the stuffed bear goes to high school with John.

The trailer features similar humor to the movies, with multiple sex jokes and a moment where the duo try drugs. It also teases plenty of chaos caused by the bear as he tries to help his human friend navigate his youth. In addition, an official poster for the series was released alongside images from the show. Check them out below:

What The New Ted Trailer Means For The TV Show

Ted in the Ted Peacock series

The new prequel series trailer reveals the show will have the same style of humor as the original movies. Despite Mark Wahlberg not returning as John, the decision to make the series about the characters when they were younger opens new opportunities for the story and humor. While this indicates the unconfirmed Ted 3 may not be in the franchise’s future, it sets up a new identity for its universe to explore.

The new trailer also offered a better look at the series’ cast, which includes Seth MacFarlane returning to voice Ted and Max Burkholder as John. Other key actors who make up the Bennett family include Alanna Ubach (Coco), Scott Grimes (American Dad!), and Giorgia Whigham (The Punisher). Given the level of talent in front of the camera, the comedic moments throughout the show are sure to be elevated by its actors.

Promising adult humor while following younger versions of the characters, Ted appears to be a worthy follow-up to its previous film incarnations. While the show is being billed as an event series, it could help to revitalize the franchise depending on how successful it is. No matter its level of success, the trailer clarifies just how close to the movie its humor will feel.

Source: Peacock/YouTube

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