Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2024 competition winners

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2024 competition winners

Red Bean Paste Balls, by Chinese photographer Zhonghua Yang, has won the overall prize in the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2024.

Zhonghua Yang A woman entering a room to add her latest creation to a mountain of steaming dim sum, prepared as part of a feast to celebrate Chinese New Year.Zhonghua Yang

The image, which came first in the Champagne Taittinger Food for Celebration category, was taken in the rural area of Xiangshan, Zhejiang during preparations for the Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year.

Celebratory traditions include making dim sum, such as red bean dumplings, steamed rice cakes and glutinous rice cake.

“This wonderful, perfectly-balanced image is full of light, shadow, mystery and poignancy,” said Caroline Kenyon, founder of the Pink Lady competition.

“The food is exquisitely made – its circular shapes contrasting with the angularity of the fretwork screens, through which the light pours.

“Meanwhile, the woman who has made the food, weary, carries in yet another tray. Her role is to labour and to serve, while the guests party and enjoy.”

Here is a selection of the category winners, with descriptions by the photographers who took them.

Champagne Taittinger Wedding Food Photographer: Let Them Eat Cake! by Lynne Kennedy, Scotland

Lynne Kennedy A family eat cake while standing against a wall on the Isle of Skye, ScotlandLynne Kennedy

“Lucy and Tony, and their children, made the long journey from Kent to the Isle of Skye to get married.

“They didn’t want to transport a traditional wedding cake all that way, so their cakemaker produced these fabulous little ‘cakes in containers’ for them.

“We found a spot by the historic Sligachan Bridge, and they tucked in!”

Food Influencer category: Hanging Buri (Yellowtail) by Matteo Alberti, Japan

Matteo Alberti A Yellowtail fish hanging in a house to dryMatteo Alberti

“Buri is Japanese for the fish [belonging to the species] Seriola quinqueradiata – it is known in English as ‘Yellowtail’.

“For centuries, fishermen filleted buri, salted them, dried them for about 10 days, and finally wrapped them in leaves and long rice-straw ropes before hanging them in front of their houses, exposed to the sea breeze.”

Food Stylist Award: Rhubarb Puzzle Love by Barbora Baretic, United Kingdom

Barbora Baretic A rhubarb tart on a table Barbora Baretic

“Rhubarb is so fascinating to me. I adore its colour and texture. It also means spring is near.”

Hotel Art Group Cream of the Crop: Chestnut Season by Tailai Obrien, Australia

Tailai Obrien A crested dove sits on an antique chestnut roaster next to a pile of chestnutsTailai Obrien

“Chestnuts symbolise Autumn harvest.

“In our family with strong Celtic roots, they are considered guardians of men and animals.

“The antique chestnut roaster is a family heirloom and a nod to our farming heritage.

“The crested dove symbolises harmony and virility.”

Production Paradise Previously Published: Would You Like Mustard with That? Photo: Max Jowitt, Stylist: Rosie French, United Kingdom

Max Jowitt/Rosie French A hot dog, held in one hand, while another squeezes mustard on topMax Jowitt/Rosie French

“This photo was shot as part of a series, The Hungry Traveller, a Gousto campaign celebrating cuisines from around the world.”

Tenderstem® Bring Home the Harvest: A Day in the Field by Natnattcha Chaturapitamorn, Thailand

Natnattcha Chaturapitamorn A young farmer carries a rack of rice sprouts across a paddy field in Sakon Nakhon province, ThailandNatnattcha Chaturapitamorn

“At the beginning of the rice-farming season, a young farmer carries a rack of rice sprouts across a paddy field in Sakon Nakhon province, Thailand.”

The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action supported by International Salon Culinaire: Rice Grain Threshing by Kishore Das, India

Kishore Das A crouching woman threshes rice grainsKishore Das

“As the sun gracefully descends on the horizon, casting a warm and magical golden glow with an ethereal radiance, a tribal lady engages in the ancient practice of threshing rice grains in the courtyard of her home with rhythmic movements by tossing the harvested rice into the air.”

Tiptree Cake Award: It’s Raining Cake – Hallelujah! Photo: Ming Tang-Evans, Stylist: Tarunima Sinha, United Kingdom

Ming Tang-Evans/Tarunima Sinha Three decorated cakes with floral designs captured on camera, as petals floating in the airMing Tang-Evans/Tarunima Sinha

“A celebration of cake with My Little Cake Tin’s signature colourful and stylish edible floral decoration.”

unearthed® Food for Sale: Tribal Farmers Sell Their Fruit by Azim Khan Ronnie, France

Azim Khan Ronnie Early every morning in Rangamati, Bangladesh, boats selling fresh fruit create a floating marketAzim Khan Ronnie

“Boats fan out across a stretch of the lake, creating a floating market selling an array of fresh fruit.

“This is a floating market of seasonal fruits such as jackfruit, pineapple, mango, at Rangamati, Bangladesh.

“The tribal farmers sell their fruit early morning at minimum price on a wholesale basis.”

Young (12 and under): Bee’s Breakfast by William Dewhurst, United Kingdom

William Dewhurst A bee on a sunflowerWilliam Dewhurst

“I caught this bee having breakfast on a large sunflower at Bignor Roman Villa in West Sussex, England.

“Without bees to pollinate, there would be far less food in the world.”

This year’s judging panel, assessing thousands of entries submitted from more than 65 countries, was chaired by food photographer David Loftus and included Fiona Shields, head of photography at Guardian News & Media and Rein Skullerud, senior photographer and photo editor, United Nations World Food Programme.

An exhibition of all the finalists can be seen, between 5-9 June, at the Mall Galleries, London.

All photos subject to copyright. Courtesy of Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2024.