Nurse Sadie Summers Will make Her Return To The Grownup Amusement Field Soon after A 15-Calendar year Split

Adult entertainer Sadie Summers is making her return to porn like Michael Jordan returning to the Chicago Bulls after spending some time in a different line of work.  The now 38-year-old is older, wiser, and a married mother.

She’s also very excited about her more than 15 years out of the industry coming to an end.  Life as a nurse doesn’t compare to the one that goes along with what she calls the “best job in the world.”

Summers spoke of her return last week to the NY Post.  She said, “Doing porn’s the best job in the world.  I’ve never been ashamed of my sexuality.”

A lot has changed since her start in the industry back in 2005.  The internet with large catalogs of adult entertainment as well as platforms for independent creators didn’t exist.

“The majority of my movies were coming out on DVD, nothing was really on the internet,” the Canada-born blonde recalled.

“I remember back in the day we would have to go check out what magazines we were in by going to the sex shops and picking them off the shelves…  It was a way different time.”

Summers appeared in 70 movies in the three years she was in porn.  She left in 2008 and worked on the ski slopes in Whistler, British Columbia before she attended nursing school.

She worked as a nurse for several years and is still licensed.  Occasionally, she explained, she still does some nursing because of how much she enjoys it.

Nurse Makes Her Long Awaited Return To The Adult Entertainment Industry

Her path back into the adult industry started in 2016.  That’s when she met a man who she ended up marrying.  The couple tied the knot in 2018 and have a three-year-old son.

This turned out to be the perfect time to get back into porn.  Who needs the quiet life of a married mom who makes a living as a nurse?  Not Sadie Summers and her husband.

The two set up an OnlyFans after the pandemic, built up a following, and got the ball rolling on her comeback in the professional ranks.  It was her husband who brought it up.

“He asked me if I would ever start working with other performers again,” she said.  “I just got really excited about the idea.”

Summers got back to work last year and picked up right where she left off.  She’s a big fan of the creative process and has really enjoyed being back on set.

“There’s nothing like being on set, I absolutely love it…. there’s something really magical about making movies,” Summers admitted.

While there would seem to be an easy genre to get into as a naughty nurse, she’s not into that.  Sadie Summers is a professional and is more interested in looking to challenge herself.

The most obvious runner-up to the naughty nurse is the MILF category, and you had better believe she’s leaning into that.  Although she’s keeping her options open.

Not many can say they’ve lived their dream more than once.  Saide Summers is one of the lucky ones.