‘Migration’ assessment: Mike White plucks some fowl fun in an animated movie that under no circumstances quite can take off


Turning “The White Lotus” creator Mike White unfastened on an animated movie from the “Minions” gang could possibly have appeared fraught with irreverent potential, but the end result, “Migration,” follows a familiar, not-specially-encouraged flight program. About the greatest a person can say about this mildly enjoyable movie is that it runs a brisk 80-a thing minutes, which means mother and father can just take the little ones and have time left about for other holiday errands.

More mature children have likely glommed on to the scene in the teaser in which one of the youthful ducks objects to, er, accomplishing her small business although traveling, forcing absolutely everyone to land and hold out when she visits the woods. A little bit much more of that, frankly, would have absent a extended way toward supplying “Migration” an edge that the film usually lacks.

The premise consists of a protective mallard, Mack (Kumail Nanjiani), who has located a tranquil minor pond where his wife Pam (Elizabeth Financial institutions) and two youngsters can stay, safe and sound from the predators that he describes in the horrible bedtime stories that he tells, which always seem to conclude with some inadequate duck dying.

When a flock of ducks land in their pond and announce that they are migrating to Jamaica, Mack is conflicted about endeavor such a perilous journey, but ultimately bows to pressure from the relaxation of the relatives.

With that, enable the episodic adventures start out, which deliver the loved ones into get hold of with an assortment of birds, which includes pigeons, parrots and herons (oh my). They also make it to the major city in which they encounter a chef well-known for his fowl preparations, serving as the somewhat awkward and unconvincing villain to a piece that normally flits from one particular perilous problem to the following.

Directed by Benjamin Renner, who shares story credit rating with White, the movie options some appropriately soaring animation and a forged punctuated by comedian personalities, including Awkwafina, Danny DeVIto and Keegan-Michael Essential.

In the end, however, “Migration” serves up a somewhat tired lesson about the need to have to consider chances, embrace life and enable go of your young ones ample to see the world, whichever threats that could possibly entail.

Illumination has experienced its share of success with anthropomorphic animals, and in a calendar year exactly where mainstream animated movies like Disney’s “Wish” haven’t conjured a lot magic, this could possibly do the job as an amiable choose-the-little ones substitute. But for a motion picture in which the central characters sometimes have motive to lament how delectable they are, it’s just not as tasty as it could be.

“Migration” premieres December 22 in US theaters. It’s rated PG.