Meta Quest headsets are getting 3 upgrades that gamers and entertainment buffs will love

Meta Quest headsets are getting 3 upgrades that gamers and entertainment buffs will love
Meta Quest 3 with controllers on energy yellow background

Kerry Wan/ZDNET

It’s hard to believe the Meta Quest 3 is nearly nine months old, considering the cadence of software updates since the VR headset debuted. I revisited the Quest 3 in February and found its strengths stronger than ever, including a more detailed passthrough experience and shorter latency. In a press release today, Meta says the headset, along with older models like the Quest 2 and Quest Pro, is getting another round of feature upgrades — spread across the platform’s most popular services.

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The first upgrade can be found within Supernatural, arguably the most popular fitness app on the Quest store. Besides confirming that VR fitness is, in fact, just as effective as common cardiovascular activities such as running and boxing — the University of Victoria, Canada conducted a study on it — Supernatural is getting a new mixed reality feature that lets players exercise with a digital, life-sized coach beside them. 

This natural extension to the VR workout experience should further motivate players as they punch, swing, and squat their way through various tracks, though it doesn’t necessarily solve the screen-time issue raised by my colleague Jason Hiner when he replaced his cardio activities with the game.

Meta is also bringing Netflix support from within the browser app, allowing users to log into their accounts and watch TV shows and movies in “high resolution,” likely 1080p. Similar to other VR viewing experiences, you can choose between a flat-screen video player or a far-field curved screen, similar to how you’d watch movies at a theater. While this is ultimately Netflix in a browser, not a dedicated app, it’s another feature that Quest users no longer have to find loopholes for.

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Lastly, Beat Saber is releasing OST7, a free playlist of five new tracks, including songs from Nitro Fun, Teminite x Boom Kitty, and Lindsey Stirling. If you’re unfamiliar with those artists, that makes two of us. But the new tracks should bring the same workout-inducing energy that we’ve come to expect from Beat Saber — and they’re free to play!

Within today’s press release, Meta also confirmed that Meta Connect will be hosted on September 25 and 26 at its Menlo Park headquarters, a similar time as last year’s event. What’s on the agenda this year? AI and Quest are poised to be the main topics, but we’ll learn more with time. For now, Quest users have several new features to keep them busy.