Meet up with Horace: Ithacan artist makes viral TikTok filter

ITHACA, N.Y.—With hundreds of hundreds of films and hundreds of thousands of sights, Jackson Gray’s #Horace filter has taken TikTok by storm, allowing for the app’s buyers to dance with the welcoming augmented actuality (AR) character in whatsoever backdrop they wish.

Grey, an Ithaca native, has been drawing for as long as he can recall, and Horace was the closing type of a person of the figures he’d been creating along the way whilst finishing his studio art diploma, applying him in a variety of iterations or 3D-printed or sculpted figures and occupying animations and stills in distinct courses. 

Gray claims that some individuals have assumed Horace to be an alien, but he is actually intended to resemble a human. The reduced, oversized eyes, short length concerning the nose and eyes vertically, tiny mouth and prolonged neck are all features encouraged by physical human characteristics.