George Miller provides update on future of ‘Mad Max’

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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga features a brief glimpse of Mad Max and his beloved car, the Interceptor. It’s more than just a fun blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Easter egg for longtime fans, though — director George Miller says it directly relates to where he’d like to take the franchise from here if the opportunity presents itself.

Furiosa, the prequel to 2015 Oscar winner Mad Max: Fury Road, serves as the origin story for its title character before her eventual encounter and team-up with Mad Max (Tom Hardy). Miller had outlined Furiosa and Max’s backstories before Fury Road began filming to help the cast and crew understand the characters.

“In doing what we did in the preparation of Mad Max: Fury Road, we also wrote what happened to Max in the year before we encounter him in [that film],” Miller explains in Entertainment Weekly‘s cover story on Furiosa. “And as we get towards the end of [Furiosa], the chronology, basically, we had to see that Mad Max was lurking around somewhere because we do know what happened. The writers know what happened to Mad Max in that year before, and we have a whole story of that, which I would like to do sometime if I get the chance.”

When pressed for an update on that project, Miller says, “Well, we are certainly working on it. And as I say, we wrote that basically as a novella, and now we’ve got a chance, we will get that into a screenplay form, and then we’ll take it from there.”

Chris Hemsworth, George Shevtsov, Angus Samson and director George Miller on set of ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’.

Jasin Boland/Warner Bros.

The long-running franchise began in 1979 with Mad Max, starring Mel Gibson as the titular character, and was followed by sequels in 1981 and 1985. Thirty years passed before the Hardy-led Fury Road was released, and another nine have elapsed since, so it could be a while before any new high-octane adventures come to pass.

In the meantime, Furiosa, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Burke, hits theaters May 24.

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