Claire Sweeney urges fans to bin ‘inaccurate’ scales after she ‘lost 6lbs’ in two days

Claire Sweeney, 51, has said that while she loves being curvy, she also wants to be fitter so has been working out and watching what she eats. However, she has urged followers to ditch the scales after they gave her a hugely inaccurate reading

Claire Sweeney has urged fans to follow her advice and ditch the scales after they falsely told her that she’d lost 6lbs in two days.

The Brookside star, 51, demonstrated how inaccurate weighing scales can be, adding that they “wreck with our heads”.

She shared her important insight after stepping on the scales two days apart to find that she had lost nearly half a stone in that short space of time.

The mum-of-one then shared an image from a fitness app which showed her body statistics.

She weighed 12.06 stone on Monday, but by Wednesday she was 11.86 – meaning a hugely unlikely loss of over 6lbs.

Claire says that she loves being curvy but wants to get fitter

She warned fans of the inaccuracy of scales

Captioning the image, she wrote: “Ok so this is mental!!! 6lbs lost in just two days.

“Goes to show, don’t rely on the scales. It could be time of day you weigh yourself, how you position them, time of the month. Water retention [makes] all make the difference.

She continued: “I’m gonna use my favourite Jeans as a gauge from now on. No wonder scales can wreck our heads. Favourite jeans and photo diary from now on!”

Claire has been sharing her fitness journey with fans and wrote: “Love being curvy, but wanna feel fitter, stronger and shifting a little bit of timber won’t go amiss lol.”

The scales told her that she had lost nearly half a stone in just two days

She has been going to the gym and doing hot yoga

Friends and followers rushed to agree with Claire, with one writing: “I hate scales, I can vary by 4lbs or more by moving my scales slightly with my foot.

Another wrote: “I never weigh myself! Always gauge my weight by how tight my clothes are. Weighing scales are bad”

A third chimed: “When you exercise you accumulate muscle even though you may be losing fat at the same time so scales can be so deceiving….I agonised over it until a PT explained it to me.”

Claire said that she has got rid of the chocolate in the house

She says that she’s struggling to stay focused

Claire recently posted a video of a jar at her local gym which asks visitors to “pick a note and let it inspire you”.

Her note read: “Make this one a challenge… you’ll reap the rewards later…”

Taking heed, Claire then gave it her all on the running machine before doing a load of squats.

She topped her workout with hot yoga before taking a video of her looking rather chuffed with herself.

On a mission to tone up, she said that she had binned all the chocolate in her house, but said that she’s struggling.

Claire says that she would rather use her clothes as a guideline over how much weight she has lost

She said that food is her comfort

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“Food is my comfort, reward, pleasure and I just bloody love eating!!!! Ive made a start by clearing out the chocolate cupboard. Here we go!!!!

“I’m struggling and keep falling off the wagon so if anyone else is the same.”

“Food is my comfort, reward, pleasure and I just bloody love eating!!!! Ive made a start by clearing out the chocolate cupboard. Here we go!!!!”

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