As a photographer who frequently experiments with new tips and tactics, I have been busy enjoying around with some unconventional matters that you may perhaps obtain in a photographer’s kit.


I am intrigued in generating images that stand out both equally visually and aesthetically. Sometimes, the only way to make an picture stand out is by utilizing an unconventional photography technique. For me, it has to seem attention-grabbing, one particular way or a further. This may possibly be through putting some thing in entrance of the lens or utilizing a bizarre lighting method. All in all, below are some of my favored hacks that I use to make pictures glance attention-grabbing.

Colored Glass

This is a recent buy of mine. I was thinking if this would make a change or not for pretty a extensive time, and it turns out it does. In fact, it can make a huge change, and I regret not having it earlier.

Generally located in a landscape photographer’s kit, this is a assortment of instead small-excellent gradated stained glass. When negatively influencing technical impression excellent, this piece of package helps make all the change visually. You can produce gelled mild consequences with it, engage in with reflections in the glass, generate patterns, and highlight several components of the picture. Down below are some photographs that I took with this piece of gear.

This impression experienced purely white light likely in at the begin. On the other hand, soon after including eco-friendly and blue glass, I made it seem a good deal extra exciting and remarkable.

When performing on the road, I typically attempt to locate the simplest track record possible. Nevertheless, I am generally missing anything when performing with uncomplicated backgrounds. In this photo, I was participating in with the placement of the gradated glass filter in front of my lens until eventually it gave this outcome.

My kit charge me about $30 from Amazon, and I say that it is enough for most photographers. Guaranteed, if graphic top quality is a increased worry for you, go for a much more high priced one produced from glass. Top quality-sensible, this is plastic and low-priced.

Dragging the Shutter

If you expend any time on, you will speedily see that I really like working with very long-publicity pictures. It is one particular of my go-to strategies for artistic shoots. Mixing daylight, continual gentle, and flash in one particular fantastic mix has been a thing I experimented with for a whilst now. Basically environment the exposure to something decreased than 1/160th of a second in your studio and altering the sync to the second curtain will open up up pretty a number of issues. You can participate in with mild styles, shadows, falloff, and many more. The critical is to locate out how to pose the subject matter and what to move and what to continue to keep static in the shot. In this article are some illustrations of items I shot with lengthy exposure.


This goes hand in hand with long publicity approaches. Some time ago, I was gifted a BitLighter. It is essentially a dedolight in a flashlight sort. Though the a person I have is marginally overpriced, it is a neat product even so. That claimed, some of the features can be performed with a significantly more cost-effective unit from your regional Home Depot. The things to glimpse out for when acquiring a flashlight for images functions are the skill to alter electric power and aim the beam. If you are tech-savvy, you can even 3D-print customized barndoors for your mild, which will make it even improved. I like applying the barndoors that delivered with the BitLighter. They empower me to build tremendous awesome light designs which would be unattainable with other gentle resources.

Below are some photographs I took with the BitLighter and other flashlights as nicely.


What is a mirror? In essence, it is a really-reflective surface area. What do this kind of surfaces do? Mirror gentle. The beauty of using mirrors is that they can act as an optical snoot, creating extremely challenging light with tough edges whilst being dust low cost. Mirrors will reflect the form of the light they acquire, meaning if you make a triangle gobo and set it on a mirror, you will stop up acquiring a triangular mild reflection.

When doing the job with mirrors, you need to pay back attention to the variety of gentle you are shining into it. My favourite one particular is the Fresnel, as it concentrates the mild beam and helps make it tougher. That way, I am only illuminating the mirror and very little else. The downside of using a mirror is that you are complicating factors really a large amount. You need to have to be able to manage the length involving the issue and the mirror, as properly as the mild resource and the mirror.

Wind Equipment

Though a qualified pictures wind machine prices way far more than $100, it can be replaced with a basic ventilator. I have two of these in the studio, and they do the work of an highly-priced studio wind equipment as nicely. Yet another practical resource is a leaf blower. Though additional high priced, this just one can be made use of to generate much better, far more directed wind gusts.

A system I often use in portrait images, the wind is good for adding drama and movement. Occasionally, your issue will merely be static and won’t move all that wonderful. I had this dilemma considerably way too numerous situations, and now as a substitute of asking the matter to transfer, I simply make them go by blasting wind.

Not only are they excellent for introducing motion in your pictures. they can also be great for supplying volume to hair, introducing emotion, and producing the image far more appealing. This is not only genuine for building motion in the hair, as the wind can also move clothing in an outstanding way. For instance, light fabrics this kind of as chiffon can shift extremely freely with the aid of wind. From there, you can use blur to generate easy designs or go in the opposite route and freeze the motion with flash.

Closing Feelings

So there you have it, my favored hacks to use in photographing people and over and above: stained glass, wind machines, flashlights, blur, and mirrors. All cost underneath $100, and some are free of charge if you consider a seem in your storage space.

What are your preferred on-established hacks? Allow us know in the responses down below!